Integrated Christian Middle School "Uczeń"








1. Students may be admitted, after parents or legal guardians, meet the following conditions:

  • submitting a questionnaire for each student candidate;
  • take part in an individual interview with the school Director and a general organizational meeting for parents;
  • become familiar with the Articles of Association, the Doctrinal Statement and Schools Educational Program and signing statements that they are acceptable;
  • submit an application;
  • payment of the one-time registration fee, within the prescribed period of time;

 2.   Stage I (Until June 24, 2016 till 2:00 PM):

The Middle School accepts students, in the order of valid applications received, who have met at least one of the conditions:

  • are winners of competitions organized by the Malopolska School Superintendent on a regional level and beyond the region, whose program includes, in whole or expands upon, the curriculum by at least one object;
  • have a certificate of completion of 5th Grade with a grade point average of at least 4.2 and an assessment of behavior of at least, a 'very good';
  • they received a certificate of completion of primary school with honors;
  • obtained a minimum of 30 points on the test conducted in the last year of primary education, and at least a 'very good' for behavior on the certificate of completion of primary school;

3.   Stage II (27 June 2016):

Students who do not meet the conditions of Stage I, but have a grade point average of at least 3.5 upon completion of primary school and have a good assessment of behavior, may be admitted if there are vacancies.

4. Pupils with special educational needs are admitted through separate terms and conditions.



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